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[단종] Tekin RX8 GEN2 1/8 Competition Brushless ESC
판매가격 : ₩263,098
상품상태 :신상품
브랜드 :TEKIN [브랜드바로가기]
모델명 :TT2301
구매수량 : 품절된 상품입니다
총 금액 :

This is the Tekin RX8 GEN2 1/8 Scale Competition Brushless Electronic Speed Control. The RX8 GEN2 brings updated features and next level performance to the popular RX8 series speed control. Designed using today's state of the art micro components, the GEN2 delivers advanced tuning options for the hardcore racer. Whether you are into large scale or short course, the RX8 GEN2 has what racers demand; reliability, precise control and unmatched power handling capability.

Packed with features, the RX8 GEN2 delivers a programmable high-voltage BEC, an EZ Access Port for HotWire communication and Datalogging capabilities in a small sized package. Couple the RX8 GEN2 with a T8 Competition Brushless Motor for the ultimate 1/8th scale electric racing combo. Pair the RX8 GEN2 with a Pro4 or Pro4HD in a 4WD Short Course Truck, or with a Pro2 in a 2WD Short Course Truck for the most dominant power system on the track! The RX8 GEN2 has everything you need to tip the balance of power in your favor. 


  • Ultra-smooth and Precise Throttle and Braking Control
  • Compatible with Sensored/Sensorless Brushless and Brushed Motors
  • Easily Access Programming, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Datalogging Capability
  • High Voltage Programmable BEC
  • EZ Access HotWire Programming Port
  • HotWire PC Interface for Advanced Programming and Updating
  • D2: Dual Drive Mode Technology
  • On-Board Temperature Indicator
  • Removable/Replaceable Cooling Fan
  • HDAC: High Density Copper PCB's
  • Sensor Plug for Precise Commutation with all Motors
  • Gold-plated Solder Posts for Easy Wire Replacement
  • Self Test Diagnostics and Factory Reset
  • Pit Tune Mode
  • DGF2: Digital Glitch Filtering V2
  • QuickTune Programming
  • One-Touch Radio Calibration
    Programming Features 
      • High Voltage BEC (6.0v/7.4v)*
      • Drag Brake (13 steps)
      • Brake / Reverse Strength (13 steps)
      • Current Limiter (none + 12 steps)
      • Neutral Width (13 steps)
      • Timing Profiles (5 preset - 2 custom*)
      • Adjustable Throttle and Brake Minimums
      • Custom Throttle Curves
      • Motor/Reverse Type: Brushless, Brushed, No Rev, Rev Delay
      • Voltage Cutoffs (none, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S, Custom)
      • Save, Load and Share custom ESC setup files*
      • Save, Load and Share Data Log files*
      • Extensive Tuning via Tekin HotWire PC Interface
      *Requires HotWire Sold Separately 

      Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse 
      Input Voltage: 
      2S-6S LiPo 
      6.0V / 7.4V 7 Amps 
      Motor Limit Brushless Mode: 
      No Limit 
      Motor Limit Brushed Fwd Only Mode: No Limit 
      Motor Limit Brushed Fwd/Rev Mode: No Limit 
      Max Current: 220 Amps per phase 
      Timing Profiles: 
      7 choices (on board) 
      Brushed Modes: 
      Fwd Only, Fwd/Rev, Rev Delay 
      Brushless Modes: 
      Fwd Only, Fwd/Rev, Rev Delay 
      1.5x2.2x1.4in (38x55.8x25.5mm) 
      Weight: 2.7oz / 76.5g

      배송비 : 기본배송료는 12,000원 입니다. (도서,산간,오지 일부지역은 배송비가 추가될 수 있습니다)
      본 상품의 평균 배송일은 3일~14일 입니다.(입금 확인 후) 설치상품의 경우 다소 늦어질 수 있습니다.
      배송예정일은 주문시점(주문순서)에 따른 유동성이 발생하므로 평균배송일과는 차이가 발생할 수 있습니다.
      개봉으로 상품가치 훼손시에는 교환 및 반품이 불가능합니다.
      저단가 상품, 일부 특가 상품은 고객 변심에 의한 교환, 반품은 고객께서 배송비를 부담하셔야 합니다.(제품의 하자,배송오류는 제외)
      일부 상품은 신모델 출시,부품가격 변동등 제조사 사정으로 가격이 변동될 수 있습니다.
      일부 특가 상품의 경우, 인수 후에는 제품 하자나 오배송의 경우를 제외한 고객님의 단순변심에 의한 교환,반품이 불가능할 수 있사오니, 각 상품의 상품상세정보를 꼭 참조하십시오.