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Pit Bull Tires Rock Beast XOR B/SC 2.2/3.0 Komp Kompw/FoamUltSft
판매가격 : ₩32,472
상품상태 :신상품
브랜드 :Pitbull [브랜드바로가기]
모델명 :PB9004KKSC
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PIT BULL? ROCK BEAST? XORTM B/SC 2.2/3.0 Scale R/C SCT Basher Edition Tires // (2) Tires per packet with (2) Foams & (1) Decal sheet. Foam included is standard machined foam NOT the closed-cell shaped Vamonos foams - PB9004FMR1 (which are sold separately).

The Rock Beast XOR B/SC Scale 2.2/3.0's are miniaturized versions of the Champion Pit Bull Rocker? LT 1:1 tires…tires that have been used on 1:1 Short Course and Desert Trucks as proven “point and shoot” tires.

We have designed our R/C Rock Beasts for R/C Short Course Trucks (SCT) so now YOU can run these bad boys in your backyard or on the street and BASH AWAY!!!

Our multi-varied tread design increases forward/reverse and lateral traction with serious biting across the footprint. POINT AND SHOOT with confidence. These Rock Beasts have many features designed to increase speed and control while enhancing stability and contact patch.

We've done our best to restrict ballooning using our ZipTrakTM Technology. What's that you ask? Inside ribbing just underside the tread area designed to help belt and strengthen. It also helps to hold the foam in place to prevent slippage.

Excellent lateral bite--incredible stickiness and exceptional traction.

We're offering our Rock Beast 2.2/3.0 XOR Basher Edition in three compounds:

1. Basher KompoundTM (Medium - 2 LIGHTNING BOLTS) - for those who want a tire that will last longer.

2. Zuper KompoundTM (Soft - 1 BOLT) - for those who want a tire that can put up with some abuse, but also provide extra traction.

3. Komp KompoundTM (Ultra Soft - NO BOLTS) - for those who need a super sticky tire.

  • Komp KompoundTM - our Ultra Soft Compound for those who want to have exceptional stickiness, traction and the confidence that you're running a Pit Bull. You will be king of the heap with the Komp Kompound!

    ZipTrackTM Technology - zip zip zip. Inside ribbing, just underside the tread area, designed to help belt and strengthen the middle of the tread. It also helps to hold the foam in place to prevent slippage.

    White Sidewall Lettering - let's the world know that they just got stomped by a Pit Bull B/SC Rock Beast.

    Stepped lugs - aid in lateral traction.

    Multi-varied tread blocks - create an alternating biting pattern for maximum traction, especially in off-camber situations.

    Inside sidewall ribbing - provides sidewall support and stability.

    Integrated Sidewall Protectors - sidewall bands of rubber that add support and control.

    Over-the-shoulder lugs - that wrap down the sidewall and add extra strength & traction to the shoulder & sidewall areas.

    4.19 inch unMounted Diameter* - we think it's an ideal OD for accentuating traction while maintaining control at high speeds. *Dimensions may vary depending on mounted rim used.

    Tires come (2) to a packet w/decals - yes, we include a cool decal sheet.

    Foam included - (2) Standard Foams. ***FOAM COLOR MAY DIFFER FROM THAT SHOWN IN PICTURES***

    Made in Taiwan - yes we went overseas for production of these RC tires. Taiwan is a hybrid democracy, so we don't feel too bad about it.


    (2) Two Tires and (2) Two Standard Foams per packet & (1) Decal sheet.
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